The things that move us

Apr 2013

A visit at Berlin Institute of Technology

Just the other day we were contacted by one of the first ever customers who purchased an INGEGNERE DUE S some years ago.

Telling us how happy she still is with her bike we decided to give her a quick visit at Berlin Institute of Technology where she works.

Much to our delight we found both owner and bike in wonderful shape…

TU Berlin

Nov 2012

A little bit of this and that…

The wonderful Zahid Sardar – a renown San Franciso design critic – has put together an “up-to-the minute catalogue of the bike and brands that are changing the cycling industry, “100 Best Bikes” curates a mighty selection ranging from compact folding rides to chainless wonders. Zahid Sardar details throughout the book objects that “epitomize the widespread 21st-century bicycle renaissance.””

We are more than happy to be amongst his selection.

100 BEST BIKES, Laurence King Publishing, 2012

Known for their art and design coffee table books, TeNeues New York has published their perspective on the world of cycling. And again, the BELLA CIAO Moscova is an eye-catcher here.
Thanks a million. We feel honoured.

THE BIKE BOOK, TeNeues, 2012

And finally one of our gentlemen’s bikes.
Leading Swiss business magazine ‘Bilanz’ featured BELLA CIAO – INGEGNERE DUE S as one of the most desirable products in their ‘Celebration Issue’.


Aug 2012

Seriously soulful works of art

Every once in a while you come across objects that truly touch your heart.

Amongst the nicest things we encountered in a long time are these marvelous bicycle baskets. Each piece is unique. Each is crafted by artisan weavers in Ghana.

House of Talents bicycle baskets are part of a fair trade project initiated and run by our dear friend Kate.

Care advice:
Basket can easily be reshaped by wetting it. Let it sit for a few minutes so it can absorb the water, then shape. Let dry thoroughly.

As only natural dyes are used the colors may fade over time. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Read more at House of Talents.
You can order these wonderful pieces directly from Kate’s site or in Europe through BELLA CIAO.

House of Talents

Mar 2012

The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag

What happens when folks who build their bicycles with some of the finest artisans in Europe go leather? – Well, this is what happens…

The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag.

We are proud to announce a rather elegant bicycle briefcase. Handmade from finest leather. Perfectly stabilizes inside the frame.

The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag is dedicated to everybody who ever tried to mount his school bag on the top tube of his bicycle. – Well, this one fits! Perfectly.

Stabilizes nicely around the top tube and snugly fits into the frame without any side movement. Comes with a shoulder strap that disappears when not needed.

Named after Vittorio de Sica (‘The Bicycle Thieves’) and after Vittorio Gassman (one of the greatest in Italian theatre and film), or after every Vittorio you like to think of.

(perfect for MacBook 13inch – or everything more or less in that size)

Aug 2011

Hurray, it’s a girl! – BELLA CIAO x Lovely Bicycle!

We are proud to introduce the newest member of our family: BELLA CIAO – SUPERBA.

SUPERBA is an extremely beautiful, charming and agile child. – Needless to say: she comes much after her mother.
SUPERBA is the result of a collaboration between BELLA CIAO and a wonderfully talented young lady from Boston – the legendary blogger Lovely Bicycle!.

Amongst many features that we love, we are especially fond of the elegant rear rack.
This rack by Lovely Bicycle! has been exclusively developed for BELLA CIAO.

For more details on our SUPERBA, please read here.

Lovely Bicycle

Jun 2011

Inspiration, interpretation, co-creation




BELLA CIAO, the bicycle brand, wonderfully interpreted by CHEZ VELO Basel in their storefront, June 2011.

Bella Ciao, the Italian WWII partisan ballad, performed by Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band in Rome, 26th March 2011.

BELLA CIAO, the bicycle brand, swingfully interpreted by VELO SERVICE Bern in their storefront, June 2011.

Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band play Bella Ciao in Rome, 26th March 2011. Youtube

Woody Allen and the New Orleans Jazz Band

May 2011

A special guest at the Italian embassy



Naturally our quest for eternal beauty drives us to make a number of design experiments and one-off pieces…

Here is a surface study we like to share with you. Together with a skilled Berlin craftsman – the same one who does the Gilles Berthoud x BELLA CIAO sting ray saddles for us – we covered a CORVO CITTA frame with sting ray leather.

Not exactly ‘Bauhaus’… – But the result in its very own way is quite appealing.

Photos taken on a sunny day at our second home…- at the Italian embassy, Berlin.




This BELLA CIAO design study is on show at Stilrad Berlin, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 19, Berlin-Mitte.


Jan 2011

BELLA CIAO x Lovely Bicycle


We are thrilled to announce our project collaboration with a wonderful young lady from Boston, Massachusetts.

Her blog Lovely Bicycle is an outstandingly inspirational haven in the world wide web of wonders where she continuously explores the idiosyncrasies of classic bicycles and of cycling as such.

Read her detailed preview here.

This BELLA CIAO special edition bicycle will be out in late Spring 2011. Exclusively available at the legendary bike store Harris Cyclery in West Newton, MA.

Lovely Bicycle
Harris Cyclery

Oct 2010





In Milan there is a metro station named after a neighborhood named after a river in Russia which again a Russian city is named after. And now a handcrafted bicycle.

First in our line of `BELLA CIAO Edizione´ we introduce our limited edition all chrome plated step-through frame bicycle: MOSCOVA