Gazzetta di Ciao - The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag
The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag

What happens when folks who build their bicycles with some of the finest artisans in Europe go leather? – Well, this is what happens…

The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag.

We are proud to announce a rather elegant bicycle briefcase. Handmade from finest leather. Perfectly stabilizes inside the frame.

The BELLA CIAO Vittorio Bag is dedicated to everybody who ever tried to mount his school bag on the top tube of his bicycle. – Well, this one fits! Perfectly.

Stabilizes nicely around the top tube and snugly fits into the frame without any side movement. Comes with a shoulder strap that disappears when not needed.

Named after Vittorio de Sica (‘The Bicycle Thieves’) and after Vittorio Gassman (one of the greatest in Italian theatre and film), or after every Vittorio you like to think of.

(perfect for MacBook 13inch – or everything more or less in that size)