Ingegnere DueIngegnere Due

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INGEGNERE DUE is the quintessential classic roadster.

The typical characteristics of the hand crafted BELLA CIAO diamond frame play out perfectly in this bicycle. Of course the INGEGNERE DUE is handcrafted from a Dedacciai tubeset by our master frame builders in Northern Italy. This tube set is strong, lightweight and versatile – just as one would expect it for a true classic.

Its long wheelbase and its compact center of gravity make this frame perfect for a lightweight roadster. Gliding through the city on an INGEGNERE DUE is a silent and razor-sharp cycling sensation.

As all BELLA CIAO bikes the INGEGNERE DUE is extremely versatile. It is a fantastic bike for everday use – yet with the precision of a sports tool. Wonderfully elegant for casual shooting through the city. Sporty and reliable to do it with lots of fun.

The wheels are fitted with double wall rims in hand polished alloy and with professional Miche Primato track hubs (Miche Primato hubs on front and rear wheel with the INGEGNERE DUE as single speed and in the version INGEGNERE DUE S; equipped with Shimano Alfine 8-speed Sturmey Archer Track hub on both wheels). Tires in all models are 32mm Continental SportContact.

Hand-polished alloy handlebars are manufactured in Germany; so is the hand-polished handlebar BELLA CIAO Componenti Speciali CS2A. The racing stem is an ITM NOS (New old stock) in wet black. Headset is Tange Seiki polished. Pedals are MKS Stream.

The saddle on all INGEGNERE DUE models is a Brooks TeamPro in black. Optionally we also offer this bike with the iconic ‘Aspin’ saddle from Gilles Berthoud.

Gearing options:

INGEGNERE DUE – Single Speed

As a single speed bicycle INGEGNERE DUE has a conversion of 48 to 18. Quite ideal for making route in the city and completely unproblematic for temporarily climbing uphill.

INGEGNERE DUE – Shimano Alfine 8-speed

If you prefer a wide range of gearing options, Shimano Alfine 8-speed is a highly reliable and beautiful Japan-built component group.
Premium quality, versatility, and effortless operation define the Alfine 8-speed. The clean look and wide-range gearing of the internal hub lets you travel in style and comfort.

INGEGNERE DUE S – Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive

Swiss engineer Florian Schlumpf developed a planetary gearing system integrated into the crank set.
Direct shifting via push buttons or “easy-shift” – levers on both ends of the spindle. No cables, no rods.
Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive has two switch positions: direct drive 1:1, and an overdrive of 1:1.65
Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive lends the bike quite a remarkable acceleration. Ideal for accelerating virtually out of nowhere when shooting through parks and avenues.

Further options:
Every INGEGNERE DUE can also be purchased with Gilles Berthoud fenders, rear rack, kick stand, and/or with dynamo powered lights.


  • Roadster, handcrafted from Dedacciai tube set
  • Gearing options:
    - Single speed
    - Shimano Alfine 8 speed
    - Schlumpf Speed Drive
  • Lugged steel frame, hand-made
  • Dedacciai tube set, double butted
  • 6mm-thick horizontal dropouts
  • Anti-corrosion undercoating plus two layers powder coating
  • Available in frame sizes: 21.3”*, 22.4”, 24”, 24.8″* (centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube) (*requires pre-order)
  • Headset Tange Seiki, polished alloy
  • Stem ITM, New old stock, wet black
  • Handlebar BELLA CIAO Componenti Speciali, CS2A, alloy hand polished, made in Germany
  • Brakes Tektro R559, forged alloy, high polish silver with cartridge brake pads in high polish black
  • Rims polished alloy, 28 inch, double wall, eyelets, 2mm stainless spokes
  • Tires Continental Sport Contact, Semi-Slicks, 32mm
  • Crankset:
    - Sturmey Archer Track, alloy polished (when Single speed, Alfine 8 speed)
    - Schlumpf Speed Drive (crankset with planetray hub)
  • Pedals MKS Sylvan Stream, alloy polished / black
  • Hubs:
    - Miche Primato, front and rear (when Single speed and Schlumpf Speed Drive)
    - Sturmey Archer Track, front (when Alfine 8 speed)
  • Brooks TeamPro leather saddle (black) and hand-sewn grips made of goatskin (black)
  • Total weight of bicycle: starting at around 10kg