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This golden calf had originally been issued as a limited edition.
We changed it slightly and made it part of our regular product range.

The frame is coated in a rather rare color tone – ‘Oro Anodizzato’ – by our Swiss powder provider.
Gold shining frame and black components give CATO a bit of a classic appearance. So classic in fact that this bike easily manages to date back the roots of our Italian frame maker by a good two thousand years. Welcome to ancient Rome. – If only Da Vinci would have knows this…

A minimalistic yet contemporary Renaissance. – Origins, inner values, and outer appearance in seamless elegance. – Roma aeterna est!…

Gearing options:

CATO – Single Speed

As a single speed bicycle CATO has a conversion of 48 to 18. Quite ideal for making route in the city and completely unproblematic for temporarily climbing uphill.

CATO – Sturmey Archer Duomatic

The ‘invisible’ Sturmey Archer Duomatic does a remarkable job in preserving the pure and minimal aesthetics of our CATO, yet it offers a 2-speed hub operated by a so-called ‘Kick Shift’ (meaning: you give the crank an short kick back impulse to shift gears). Thus Sturmey Archer Duomatic offers an overdrive of 1:1.35).

CATO S – Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive

Swiss engineer Florian Schlumpf developed a planetary gearing system integrated into the crank set.
Direct shifting via push buttons or “easy-shift” – levers on both ends of the spindle. No cables, no rods.
Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive has two switch positions: direct drive 1:1, and an overdrive of 1:1.65
Schlumpf Speed ​​Drive lends the bike quite a remarkable acceleration. Ideal for accelerating virtually out of nowhere when shooting through parks and avenues.

Further options:
Every CATO can also be purchased with Gilles Berthoud fenders, rear rack, kick stand, and/or with dynamo powered lights.


  • Roadster, handcrafted from Dedacciai tube set
  • Gearing options:
    – Single speed
    – Sturmey Archer Duomatic
    – Schlumpf Speed Drive
  • Lugged steel frame, hand-made
  • Dedacciai tube set, double butted
  • 6mm-thick horizontal dropouts
  • Anti-corrosion undercoating plus two layers powder coating
  • Available in frame sizes: 21.3”, 22.4”, 24”, 24.8″ (centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube)
  • Headset Tange Seiki, polished alloy
  • Stem ITM, New old stock, wet black
  • Handlebar BELLA CIAO Componenti Speciali, CS2A, stainless steel, made in Germany
  • Brakes Tektro R559, forged alloy, high polish silver with cartridge brake pads in high polish black
  • Rims polished alloy, 28 inch, double wall, eyelets, 2mm stainless spokes
  • Tires Continental Sport Contact, Semi-Slicks, 32mm
  • Crankset:
    – Sturmey Archer Track, alloy, black (when single speed and Duomatic)
    – Schlumpf Speed Drive (crankset with planetray hub)
  • Pedals MKS Sylvan Stream, alloy polished / black
  • Hubs:
    – Miche Primato, front and rear (when single speed and Schlumpf Speed Drive)
    – Sturmey Archer Track, front and rear (when Sturmey Archer Duomatic)
  • Saddle: Selle San Marco Regal Vintage (black)
  • Total weight of bicycle: starting at around 10kg