Handmade Bicycles.

To create objects of beauty – objects of intrinsic value, objects that people truly relate to and love – you can either have them wonderfully designed, or you can have them made by hand.
Or you can do both at the same time.

At BELLA CIAO all the frames for our bicycles are handmade in Northern Italy according to time-tested – in some cases ‘almost forgotten’ – classic designs.
For the perfect refinement we bring these steel frames over to Germany where they get a three layer finish – one layer of anti-corrosion treatment, two layers of powder coating.
Each frame then is made into a BELLA CIAO bicycle through individual assembly by a master craftsman in our workshop just outside of Berlin.

Our skillful Italian frame maker in fact is one of the last remaining family businesses of its kind. Here the fine art of a great manufacturing tradition is still alive and is being passed on generation to generation.

In case you should find the ‘bicycle of your life’ with one of ours, we make sure it stays the way you want it to be. Whether the years have worn the paint a little, whether the shine of the alloy parts has suffered under several winters a bit, whether you later decide on a different gearing system and on a whole new frame color… – no problem. We collect your bicycle and our master craftsmen do the rest. This is what we call the BELLA CIAO Master Refurbishment Service. So your favorite bicycle keeps its perfect shape for a long, long time.

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